ALS Fund Alain Verspecht

A disease like a silent killer. That is how patients and physicians describe Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS. It is a degenerative disease that occurs suddenly causing loss of muscle control and eventually paralysis. More than half of those affected pass away less than three years after diagnosis. The worldwide Ice Bucket Challenge, which drew people’s attention to the disease by pouring a bucket of ice water over themselves, quadrupled the awareness about the disease overnight and caused a tsunami of research projects. Nevertheless, extra resources are still very welcome, because there is still no cure or drug that can fight this rare disease. Therefore, the ALS Fund Alain Verspecht continues to tirelessly raise funds.

To help promote the scientific research into ALS, we would like to ask you to go that extra mile. You can do so by adding €5 to your registration or making a donation. Donations over €40 are tax deductible.

You can make a donation to the ALS Fund Alain Verspecht via transfer into the charity account of the KU Leuven:

K.U. Leuven
IBAN: BE45 7340 1941 7789
With the following structured reference: +++400/0008/31512+++

Or directly via the following online donation link: